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Following BOG Members were present:                   

  1. Tajammul Husayn                              President
  2. Sajjad Ghani                                     President Elect.
  3. Nusrat Jawaid                                   Vice President & MP Chair    
  4. Khawaja Khalid Iqbal                        Secretary & SA Chair
  5. Noor Afzal                                        Treasurer
  6. Safdar Ali                                         Member BOG                        

Also present:

  1. Ainul Abedin                                     Fellow & Past President
  2. Abbas Sajid                                      CTTC Chair
  3. Rafiq Rasal                                        Historian
  4. Khalid Gulzar                                    New BOG Member
  5. Ovais Shuja                                       New BOG Member                
  6. M.Habib ur Rehman                           Member

Not Present:

  1. Yousuf Hasan                                    Member BOG            
  2. Fahad Hasan                                     Member BOG

 Quorum being complete, the meeting was started on time.

Agenda Item No.1: Minutes of 8th BOG Meeting were Confirmed by all present in the Meeting

Agenda Item No.2: Abbas Sajid informed that a Hall in Sheraton has been booked for 20 & 21 June, 2011 for ASHRAE Endorsed Conference on “Development of building Energy Codes Leading to High Performance Buildings in Pakistan”.

Architects like Husnain Lotia & people who matter in Building codes like Rukhsana Zubairi , Chief of Enercon  and others be contacted  with the help  of Farhan Mehboob, Abbas Sajid & Noor Afzal.

All Senior ASHRAE Members to bring at least 5 delegates in this Conference.
Rs.4,000/= & Rs.5,000/= will be charged as Registration fee from Members & Non Members respectively.

Product Presentation of Sponsor of the Event at Suitable Times.

Few Alternate Speakers should also be arranged by Abbas Sajid.

Agenda Item No.3: Report on new Memberships in Industries will be given by Sajjad Ghani before next BOG Meeting of 18th May, 2011.
Agenda Item No.4: Report on Formation of Student branch in NUST will be given by Khalid Iqbal before next BOG Meeting of 18th May, 2011.
Agenda Item No.5:  The Budget of about Rs.260,000 was approved by BOG  for 3 day Seminar by Students in NED & it was decided that Rs. 200,000/= be released to the Student Advisor immediately.
Judges panel at NED on 26th & 27th afternoon be arranged by Khalid Iqbal.
Tariq Ameen of SMC has confirmed his availability for Friday 27th May from 9:00 to 12:00 Hours for HAP Training.
Farhan Mehboob, Mustafa Hussin of Shan & Usman Tauqir of SEL has confirmed their availability for Paper Presentation on Thursday 26th May from 09:00 to 12:00HRS.
Khalid Iqbal to publicize this event for good Participation from Members & All Walks of Life.
Agenda Item No.6: It was reported by Tajammul Husayn that a Meeting with Principal Pak Turk School was held but no keen interest was noticed. Khalid Gulzar has proposed for presenting a proposal in the next Meeting of Rotaray Club in January 2012 who promote such activities in the School every year for Career Planning. 
Agenda Item No.7: Progress on Effective Delivery of Hands book & Journals – Please See
E-mail of Steve Comstock sent in reply to Tajammul Husayn’s quarry which is self explanatory – attached.
Agenda Item No.8: Khalid Iqbal informed that Chartering of Hamdard Student Branch will be put up for approval in ASHRAE Summer meeting of June in Montreal.
Budget for Rs.170,000/- was approved for Hamdard University Solar Project Competition on 9th June, 2011.   & it was decided that Rs. 150,000/- be released to the Student Advisor immediately.
Agenda Item No.9: Report on List of Delinquent Members will be given by Nusrat Jawaid before the next BOG Meeting of 18 May, 2011.
Agenda Item No.10: Farhan Mehboob was not present, as such he is requested through  this e-mail to give report on “Holding a meeting Dedicated to Research Promotion” before the next BOG Meeting of 18 May, 2011.
Any other Items:
Noor Afzal to persue Members who have not Paid $20 & present a list before next BOG meeting of 18 May, 2011. plus also settle outstandings  from Members as this has to be done before closing of financial year 2011.

Noor Afzal and Abbas Sajid to arrange Meetings with IEEP, IAP, IEE,etc. for better coordination amongst each other.

Farooq Mehboob be requested to lead CRC Action Committee.

Audit Committee be formed immediately for audit of accounts Tajammul Husayn & Khalid Iqbal to coordinate before next BOG meeting of 18 May, 2011.

PAOE Points be posted immediately. CTTC, RP, MP, & SA Chairs plus Historian to have joint meeting preferably before next BOG Meeting of 18th May, for filing of Points.   

Attendance of only 34 People at Energy Seminar on 22nd April 2011 was noted with concern, Abbas Sajid to look into this Matter.

Abbas Sajid to send a letter of Thanks to Tahir Saleem for presenting paper on “Electrical Energy Conservation” in the above Seminar.

Minutes by;

Khawaja Khalid Iqbal
ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter