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Following BOG Members were present:                   

  • Tajammul Husayn                              President
  • Sajjad Ghani                                     President Elect.
  • Nusrat Jawaid                                   Vice President & MP Chair    
  • Khawaja Khalid Iqbal                        Secretary & SA Chair
  • Noor Afzal                                        Treasurer                 
  • Safdar Ali                                         Member BOG

Also present:

  • Ainul Abedin                                     Fellow
  • Asad Gulzar                                      Membership applied on 03-02-2011
  • Muhammad Uzair                              Advisor NED Student Branch – Asst. Prof.
  • Muhammad Omer Khan                      President NED Student Branch

Not Present:

  • Yousuf Hassan                                   Member BOG             - out of country
  • Fahad Hassan                                    Member BOG             - out of country           
  • The quorum being complete, the meeting was called to order at 5:00 pm.

      Agenda Item No. 1: The Minutes of 5TH BOG Meeting stood confirmed as they were circulated to all members well in advance and there were also no objections from the participants of the meeting.

      Agenda Item No. 2 – Review of last 5 Months Presentations:

    • The message of our Technical Seminars is not reaching Industrial Customers.
    • All MEMBERS must approach their Customers and Clients personally for promotions of Technical Seminars by personal visits and by forwarding the required emails.
    • Agenda Item No. 3 - Paper Presentation:

    • Dr. Samar Mubarakmand’s Presentation of 10-02-11 on Energy Deficit – A way forward:
    • Dr. Samar has confirmed his presence on Email as well as on telephone to Kazi Zulkadar.
    • Ainul Abedin Sb. will prepare a paper on Energy Conservation as Alternate to Dr. Samar in case of flight cancellation or any other reason.
    • Evaluation form not to be distributed, only Question Forms.
    • Reception Committee of BOG will welcome Dr. Samar at Sheraton Entrance.
    • ASHRAE Logo Badges for members & guests.
    • Introduction of 1-½ minutes by Abedin Sb.
    • Vote of Thanks of 3 minutes by Rauf Chaudry Sb.
    • Students to be given 50% discount on member rates in future.
    • Event being sponsored by Nadeem Associates.
    • PMN: Consent Proforma for participation in Lecture of Feb 22 will be distributed.
    • Mr. Wei Sun Lecture of Feb 22, 2011 on 1. Clean Rooms Design, 2. Airborne Infections:
    • Evaluation form and question form shall be distributed.
    • Travel Plan to & from Lahore to be finalized on Mr. Farooq’s return.
    • Badges with ASHRAE Logo mandatory for every event.
    • Sponsor to be found for this event. Especially, Sajjad Ghani, Noor Afzaal apart from BOG to try to find one.
    • PMN: Farhan Mehboob or Fahim Siddiqui will be requested as Alternate for paper presentation on any of the above two subjects.
    • Agenda Item No. 4 – Joint Meeting of 3 ASHRAE Pakistan Chapters: Joint Meeting of 3 ASHRAE Pakistan Chapters on 24TH February at Expo Lahore. All BOG members present confirmed their participation.

      Agenda Item No. 5 – Joint Meeting with PHVACR Society E.C.: Joint meeting with Pakistan HVACR Society (Executive Committee) on 10TH February.

    • Sheraton Hotel as Venue was selected.
    • Business Lunch Meeting (Gathering 11:00 to 12:00 A.M., Lunch 12:00 to 1:30 P.M.)
    • Agenda Item No. 6 – Lack of Participation and Coordination with Institute of Architects & Engineers:

    • Meeting with IAP, IEE and IEP to be coordinated by Noor Afzaal.
    • All BOG & members to approach Industrial & Commercial Circle for introduction of ASHRAE at Technical Seminars.
    • Agenda Item No. 7 – Progress on new Student Branch of Hamdard University:

    • Student Advisor Akmal has informed that students are busy in exams till 15TH Feb, however, he will visit President with the application forms.
    • $ 10 will be contributed by Chapter and $ 10 by the student for becoming a Student Member. (renewal will be done by students themselves)
    • Agenda Item No. 8 – Student & Membership Promotion Night:

    • NED Students around 50 in numbers attended the night along with past and present Student Advisors Kamaluddin and Uzair respectively.
    • Three guests of members filled the membership forms.
    • Agenda Item No. 9 – Selection of Students for RAL:

    • Students OF 2ND year will be considered for the CRC so that they are able to transfer their experience learnt at the RAL Conference to the student members for the next 2 years.
    • Sponsor to be found for CRC, RAL expenses for students participation. Pakistan HVACR President to be requested thru this email for sponsorship.
    • President to get clarifications for arrangements of Students at RAL CRC from Falcon Chapter. (PMN: An email has been sent to the concerned for clarification of dates and boarding / lodging and meals arrangements.)
    • Agenda Item No. 10 – Any other Point:

    • Info on Expo & Conference has been mailed to Dr. Muzaffer for facilitating Students and their Advisor for attending the same.

    The meeting was concluded with vote of thanks to the participants.

    Minutes by;

    Khawaja Khalid Iqbal
    ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter

    P.S. Rauf Chaudry to note Agenda Item No. 3a, 4 and 9 for necessary action.