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Following BOG Members were present:                   

  • Tajammul Husayn                             President
  • Sajjad Ghani                                     President Elect.
  • Nusrat Jawaid                                  Vice President & MP Chair    
  • Khawaja Khalid Iqbal                       Secretary & SA Chair
  • Safdar Ali                                         Member BOG

Also present:

  • Abbas Sajid                                      CTTC Chair  
  • Farhan Mehboob                               RP Chiar
  • Muhammad Uzair                              Advisor NED Student Branch – Asst. Prof.
  • Muhammad Umer Khan                     President NED Student Branch

Not Present:

  • Noor Afzal                                        Treasurer                     informed / out of station
  • Yousuf Hassan                                   Member BOG             informed / out of station
  • Fahad Hassan                                    Member BOG             informed / out of station

The quorum being complete, the meeting was called to order at 5:15 pm.

  • Agenda Item No. 1: The Minutes stood confirmed as they were circulated to all members well in advance and there were also no objections from the participants of the meeting.
  • Agenda Item No. 2 - Paper Presentation: The participants were informed that Sheraton Hotel has been selected as venue for the Paper Presentation of Kazi Zulkadar Siddiaui & Brig (R) Naseem on Jan 22, 2011. A program has already been circulated to the members.
  • Agenda Item No3 3 Review of Student Activities:
  • Advisor & President NED Student Branch were informed about concerns of BOG regarding lack of or rather no activities in the first six months. It was confirmed by them that an event is being planned by them in end January this year.
  • Both of them were encouraged to reactivate ASHRAE Journal Club at student level and also make their presence felt at Chapter’s event.
  • Muhammad Uzair who holds certificates for attending some of the ASHRAE Learning Courses confirmed holding of a similar learning course shortly.
  • Farhan Mehboob plans to conduct a Load Calcs once a week programme for 3  weeks in March this year at NED University apart from a lecture to final year students at the beginning of their term on developing their interest in HVACR field.
  • Muhammad Uzair was approved as Advisor of SA by the BOG and was directed to send a request to Victor Goldshmidt of ASHRAE for replacement of his name as advisor instead of Kamaluddin along with minutes of this meeting as confirmation of his appointment.
  • Advisor Muhammad Uzair to furnish a criteria for selection of 2 students who will be sent along with him to Abu Dhabi Student conference during RAL Abu Dhabi conference of September 2011.
  • Agenda Item No. 4 – Review of Delinquent Members: Nusrat Jawaid Chair MP was requested to circulate an email to Delinquent members with copies to BOG and Past Presidents who will in turn confirm and assign themselves to persue that particular member. He informed that he has been successful in making 8 new members.
  • Agenda Item No. 5 – Request of D/L in place of Essam Khalil: Farhan Mehboob was requested by Sajid to furnish him name and phone no. of available D/L from Farooq Mehboob so as to file a request for replacement to Essam Khalil who has declined to attend the Presentation of 22ND and 24TH February.
  • Agenda Item No. 6 – Arrangement for D/L Paper on Feb 22, 24: Sajid is waiting for the confirmation of Visa of the D/L after which necessary arrangements will be made by him and accordingly his visit to Lahore will be planned.
    PMN: If Sajid is reaching back on 23RD Feb morning from U.S., then the lecture can also be scheduled for 23RD afternoon instead of 22ND and an evening flight to Lahore can be taken.
  • Agenda Item No. 7 – Joint Meeting of 3 Chapters: It was noted with concern that the 3 Chapters of Pakistan are not coordinating with each other at all and are working independently. They must share their programmes with each other and also form a pool of D/L’s of Pakistan who can be beneficial for all the three chapters.An agenda be set amongst them so as to make the joint meeting fruitful. To begin with Pakistan Chapter is putting up few agenda items which can be enhanced by proposals from Central and Northern Chapters. President Pakistan Chapter to take up the matter asap.
  • Agenda Item No. 8 - Calendar for remaining 6 months:  

The concerned chairs shall be announcing the dates of MP, RP and SA promotion functions before the end of this month.

PMN: The Chairs are requested to coordinate with each other so that the dates of their functions do not get overlapped.

The CTTC Chair has a confirmed plan up till March for the time being.

  • Agenda Item No. 9 – Any other Item:
  • Dr. Samar Mubrakmand Lecture on 10TH February – Kazi Zulkadar a regular paper presenter in HVACR Conferences in Islamabad / Karachi who is also presenting a paper on 22 Jan 2011 at Sheraton, Karachi has been instrumental in arranging the lecture of Dr. Samar Mubarakmand on 10Th February on Thar Coal. Sajjad Ghani has been requested to make arrangements at Defence Golf Club Auditorium due to the fact that no hotel hall is available on 10TH February 2011.
  • Sajjad Ghani announced a dinner on Tuesday the 17TH January 2011 at Defence Golf Club for the Past Presidents, Present BOG and Chairs to discuss an extended term of the President.

The meeting was concluded with vote of thanks to the participants.

Minutes by;

Khawaja Khalid Iqbal
ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter