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on NOVEMBER 11, 2010

Presiding Officer:     Tajammul Husayn (President ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter)

Call to order:         8:30 AM
Following attended:                   

  • Tajammul Husayn                  President
  • Sajjad Ghani                          President Elect.
  • Khawaja Khalid Iqbal            Secretary & SA Chair
  • Safdar Ali                              Member BOG
  • Mohammad Rafique Rasal     Historian
  • Abbas Sajid                          CTTC Chair  

The following BOG did not attend:

  • Nusrat Jawaid                                   Vice President & MP Chair     Sick
  • Noor Afzal                                        Treasurer                                 Outstation
  • Yousuf Hassan                                   Member BOG                         Outstation
  • Fahad Hassan                                    Member BOG                         Outstation


The quorum being complete, the meeting started on time:


  • Confirmation of Minutes: The minutes of last meeting stood automatically confirmed as they were well circulated before time and no dissent was reported.
  • Nomination Committee: The following members have given their consent for the Nomination Committee for presenting themselves to the members for their election as per ASHRAE rules in January next year:
  1. Farooq Mehboob
  2. Fahim I. Siddiqui
  3. Abbas Sajid
  4. Anwar Saadat
  5. Farhan Mehboob


Through this email I am requesting the above members to elect their Chairman after their elections.

  • Yearly Planner: The Committee Chairs present were once again reminded to present their activities reports to the BOG in a yearly planner. Farhan & Nusrat are requested thru this email to do the needful.


SA Chair informed that Student Night which is due since long is being delayed due to exams. Dr. Muzaffer is being requested to inform the date.

Sajid has been deputed to draft and deliver the letters to Heads of Mechanical Engineering Departments of NUST / BAHRIA and Alternate Energy Department of Hamdard and a concerned person of Indus Valley for forming Student Branches in these institutions.

CTTC Chair informed that two distinguished lectures namely: Wei Sun from USA (Clean Room Expert) and Essam Khalil from Egypt will conduct conference in Karachi and Lahore on 22ND and 24TH Feb 2011 respectively.

  • Media Chair:Secretary and SA Chair was additionally assigned the post of Media Chair and will update Website by hiring some professional.
  • Workshop and Paper Presentation by Muhammad Ali:The schedule of this half day conference in second half on Friday the Dec 10, 2010 was finalized and has already been circulated to members.
  • Any other Points:
    • ASHRAE / HVACR AFFAIRS:Sajid will take up the matter with HVACR Society for distribution of profit to the two Chapters. As regards protocol between the two bodies a separate session in the presence of members was recommended.
    • TWO YEAR TERM OF BOG:Similarly a separate meeting for this item was recommended so as to have consent of all members. It is being suggested that members opinion will be obtained for the above two items from the floor in January meeting.
    • ENERGY CONSERVATION / ALTERNATE ENERGY USAGE:An open session to discuss the above topics including the following was suggested:
      • Wind
      • Solar
      • Geothermal
      • Road towards Net Zero in Pakistan
      • Any other concept

The meeting was adjourned with vote of thanks.

The minutes are circulated to the attendees for their confirmation. In case no observations are received the minutes will automatically stand confirmed.


Minutes by;

Khawaja Khalid Iqbal
ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter