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  • CRC Reports
    • By Khalid Iqbal (SA Report)
    • By Farhan Mehboob (RP Report)
    • By Abbas Sajid (CTTC Report)
    • By Nusrat Jawaid (MP Report)
    • By Fahad Hassan (UNEP Report)
    • By Tajammul Husayn (CRC Report)


  • Karigar Report by Naveed Gilani
  • Meeting of November 25, 2010 in Dubai


  • IAQ Meeting Malaysia 10-12 November 2010
  • Winter Meeting Conference & Expo


  • Lecture by Muhammad Ali on Solar Absorption
  • Newsletter


  • Chapters Promotion Report
  • Historian Appointment


  • Any other item.

on OCTOBER 26, 2010

Presiding Officer:     Tajammul Husayn (President ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter)

Call to order:         3:00 PM
Following attended:           

Tajammul Husayn   President
Sajjad Ghani     President Elec
Khawaja Khalid Iqbal Secretary & SA Chair
Noor Afzal   Treasurer
Safdar Ali Member BOG
Fahad Hassan Member BOG
Muhammad Abbas Sajid  CTTC Chair
Farhan A. Mehboob  RP Chair

  • Tajammul Husayn                              President
  • Sajjad Ghani                                     President Elec.
  • Khawaja Khalid Iqbal                        Secretary & SA Chair
  • Noor Afzal                                        Treasurer
  • Safdar Ali                                         Member BOG
  • Fahad Hassan                                    Member BOG
  • Muhammad Abbas Sajid                    CTTC Chair
  • Farhan A. Mehboob                           RP Chair
  • CRC Report:

The President’s report on CRC Cairo and workshops reports of RP and SA Chairs were already circulated to all members while BOG was briefed on CTTC and UNEP reports by Sajid and Fahad respectively, who were requested to email their reports for onward circulation to members. Nusrat was out of country as such MP workshop report was not presented he is requested thru this email for early submission,  however, all the Chairs and members BOG were requested for timely submission of their monthly activities reports so as to utilize the meeting time in an effective and useful manner   

  • Karigar Report:

Naveed Gilani briefed about the setup of Karigar who are presently imparting training to Plumbers, A/c Mechanics and Electricians so that they become certified members of their trade at par to the international level. He needs support from HVAC Industry in providing them internships of 6 weeks regularly in their organizations from time to time.

  • ASHRAE Meeting of 25TH November in Dubai and Big-5:

BOG was briefed that members have been informed about the meeting and Big-5 show in Dubai. Interested persons who want assistance are requested to contact Safdar Ali at 0300 8224629.

Following members have confirmed their participations till date:

  1. Ainul Abedin
  2. Farooq Mehboob
  3. Abbas Sajid
  4. Tajammul Husayn
  5. Khalid Iqbal
  6. Safdar Ali
  • IAQ Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 10-12 Nov 2010:

IAQ Conference programme of papers has been circulated to members. Participants’ confirmations are still awaited.

  • ASHRAE Winter Meeting in Jan 2011 in Las Vegas:

Registration procedure and letter of Jeff H. Littleton has been circulated to all members. Participants’ confirmations are still awaited.

  • Paper Presentation on Solar Absorption Chiller by Muhammad Ali:

It was announced that a paper presentation on Solar Absorption Chiller will be given by Muhammad Ali on Falcon Chapter, Dubai on 12TH November; however, later an email request of some other date after Eid was received. Revised date, time and venue will be announced soon.

  • Appointment of Historian:

BOG approved the reappointment of Rafiq Rasal as Historian for the term 2010-11.

  • Any other Items:

  • Newsletter: Fahad’s suggestion was very well taken that there is no need for reinventing the wheel, we should refer manual for chapters operation and follow what ASHRAE is recommending.

  • Disallowing of Chapter Report in CRC: BOG agreed to lodge a protest to ASHRAE against the CRC Chair for not entertaining USB of Pakistan containing report of the Chapter for presentation at the CRC.

  • ASHREA / Pakistan HVACR Society Relations: BOG agreed that a joint meeting of representatives of HVAC Society and 3 Chapters of ASHRAE be held. Sajid to coordinate.

  • Pakistan Green Building Council: 3-4 applications are pending for Pakistan Green Building Council with WGBC. Fahad has been advised to coordinate with Architect / Plumbing / Electrical. HVACR Associations to file an application for one body from Pakistan.

  • Paper Presentation on District Cooling:After the meeting a paper was presented by Fahad Hassan on District Cooling attended by well over 30 persons.
  • RP Chair’s Briefing:After the paper on District Cooling, Farhan gave a brief speech on Research & Promotion work being done by ASHRAE and how important it is for all the members worldwide to contribute towards this fund as the beneficiaries in the end are the members as a whole whether they donate or not. Last year RAL got back 30 time what they contributed. This year BOG and RP Chair of Pakistan Chapter is contributing $100 each to earn the gold circle award.

Minutes by;

Khawaja Khalid Iqbal
ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter