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  Following BOG Members were present:                   

  1. Tajammul Husayn                              President.
  2. Sajjad Ghani                                     President Elect
  3. Nusrat Jawaid                                   Vice President & MP Chair    
  4. Khawaja Khalid Iqbal                        Secretary & SA Chair

Also present:

  1. Ainul Abedin                                     Fellow & Past President
  2. Mohammad Abbas Sajid                    CTTC Chair & Past President
  3. Dr. Muzaffar Mehmood                     New BOG Member
  4. Ovais Shuja                                       New BOG Member
  5. Khalid Gulzar                                    New BOG Member
  6. Habib ur Rahman                               Member
  7. Najam ul Islam                                  Member                    

Not Present:

  1. Yousuf Hasan                                    Member BOG
  2. Fahad Hasan                                     Member BOG
  3. Safdar Ali                                         Member BOG
  4. Noor Afzal                                        Treasurer

The Quorum being complete, the meeting was started on time.

Agenda Item No.1: Minutes of 10 BOG Meeting were approved.
Agenda Item No.2: Reports were not provided by Committee Chairs.
Agenda Item No.3: Annual Report to Chapter & regional Chair was not provided by Noor Afzal as he was on LEAVE.
Agenda Item No.4: Khalid Iqbal notified names of delegate & alternate of CRC Meeting prior to the BOG Meeting to DRC& HQ.
Agenda Item No.5:  Khalid iqbal had already submitted annual information Questionnaire to ASHRAE.
Agenda Item No.6:  Progress report already circulated by Tajammul husayn which he will update before 30th June.
Agenda Item No.7:  All New Chairs i.e. Abbas Sajid (CTTC), Nusrat Jawiad (MP), Khalid(SA) * Ovais Shuja (RP) were requested to give names of their Sub committees to the President.
Agenda Item No.8:  Report on 3 Days Conference at NED will be submitted by Uzair & Umer Khan.
Agenda Item No.9:  Report on Project Competition of 9th June will be Submitted by Akmal of Hamdard University.
Agenda Item No.10:  Khalid Iqbal informed that NUST are busy in exams so formation of NUST Student Branch shall be taken up next Month.
Agenda Item No.11:  Report on 2 Day Conference of 20 & 21 June will be given by Abbas Sajid after the Conference.
Agenda Item No.12:  The chapter was unable to hold following activates in 2010-11 & must accomplish the same next year:
-Interaction with the Industries & Universities.
-Meeting dedicated to Research Promotion.
-interaction with Architects, IEEEP, IEE & PHVACR.
Agenda Item No.13: Action Plan of CRC Committee shall be given  by Farooq Mehboob next month.
Agenda Item No.14: Audit Report & Certificate shall be given by Ovais Shuja.
Agenda Item No.15: PAOE points already filled.
Agenda Item No.16: Installation ceremony on July 9, 2011 (PMN: New Date will be announced by Khalid Iqbal.

Minutes of Meeting by;

Khawaja Khalid Iqbal
ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter