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  Following BOG Members were present:                   

  1. Tajammul Husayn                              President
  2. Nusrat Jawaid                                   Vice President & MP Chair    
  3. Khawaja Khalid Iqbal                        Secretary & SA Chair
  4. Noor Afzal                                        Treasurer (please note agenda items No.10 & 11)

Also present:

  1. Ainul Abedin                                     Fellow & Past President
  2. Dr. Muzaffar Mehmood                     New BOG Member
  3. Ovais Shuja                                       New BOG Member                

Not Present:

  1. Sajjad Ghani                                     President Elect. (please note agenda item No.6)
  2. Yousuf Hasan                                    Member BOG
  3. Fahad Hasan                                     Member BOG
  4. Safdar Ali                                         Member BOG

(Abbas Sajid to note Agenda items 2, 5 &11 while, Farhan Mehboob to note Agenda Item 9, Farooq Mehboob  & Owais Shuja to note Agenda Item 14 )

The Quorum being complete, the meeting was started on time.

Agenda Item No.1: Minutes of 9th BOG Meeting were approved.
Agenda Item No.2: Abbas Sajid being not present as such report on “Energy Conference held on April 22, 2011” could not be presented. He is requested to do the needful before the last BOG Meeting of Thursday the June 16, 2011.
Agenda Item No.3: Khalid Iqbal confirmed to provide Judges, while, Dr. Muzaffar confirmed participation of 6 Institutions till date in the “NED Conference” being held on 26,27,28th May 2011 and sponsored by Pakistan Chapter. The BOG also confirmed that if the approved budget of NED Conference is increased by a reasonable amount then the same shall be reimbursed by the Chapter. It was also reaffirmed that 2 Needy Students will be given Scholarship of Rs.15000/-per year on the recommendation of Dr.Muzaffar. Mr. Nusrat Jawaid graciously offered 2 more Scholarships for the needy Students. 
Agenda Item No.4: For effective participants in Solar Projects Competition Sponsored by Pakistan Chapter and being held by Hamdard University Students Branch on Thursday the 9th of June 2011, Khalid Iqbal confirmed availability of transport for the registered delegates which will leave Library at 09:00 A.M & can also pick them on their prior request from an enroute spot. The route from Library shall be Shahrae Faisal, Gulistane Johar, Sohrab Goth, Northern Bypass, Hamdard University. The return trip will be after Lunch.
Agenda Item No.5:  No Report on “Conference of June 20/21” due to absence of Abbas Sajid. He is requested to coordinate with President & Secretary immediately. 
Agenda Item No.6:  No Report on “Getting New Memberships from the Industry” due to absence of Sajjad Ghani. Ainul abedin also pointed out that lack of interest from Industrialists is hindering progress in promotion of Research in Universities. Sajjad Ghani is requested to do the needful before the last BOG Meeting of Thursday the June 16, 2011.
Agenda Item No.7: Khalid Iqbal informed that a Meeting with Dr. Waqar of NUST was held in the presence of Tajammul Husayn & Abbas Sajid on 16th May, while NUST has been provided with Membership forms for filing request for Chartering of their Branch. They will contribute $10 each for atleast 10 Students & 1 Advisor. (PMN: Dr. Muzaffar informed that Dean Dr Nadeem is not clear about certain issues due to his absence from the meeting, therefore, he will visit Chapter’s office sometime next week with prior information).  
Agenda Item No.8: Nusrat Jawaid presented list of following delinquent Members. New BOG & PAST PRESIDENTS are requested to pursue them:    
1-Absar Ahmed            2-Ejazur Rahman          3-Fahad Khan                4-Muhammad A Thaniana   
5-Inam Nabi                 6-Khalid Saifullah         7-Maqsood A Khan        8-Mohammad Ammanulla         
9-Muhamad I U Khan  10-Faisal Azeem           11-Muhammad Amin      12-Syed A Jawaid      
13-Asfia Nishat            14-Nousheen Afzal       15-Mohammad Nasim    16-Syed F Shah, PE        
17-Zahid Sharif             18-Khawaja Muhammmad Farid, PE         

The following are in cancel category who also require pursuance to renew their memberships:

1-Zafar Ahmed Abbasi, PE       2-Jawed N Siddiqui                  3-Zahid Hakeem        
4-Iqtidar Hussain                      5-Muhammad Farhan Ali           6-Kamal Uddin        
7-Fasial Naseem                       8-Muhammad Hussain               9-Rana K Feroze      
10-Moien A Khan                    11-Muhammad Idris Khan                                

Agenda Item No.9: No Report on “Holding a Meeting Dedicated to Research Promotion” could  be presented due to absence of Farhan Mehboob. He is requested to do the  needful before the last BOG Meeting of Thursday the 16th June, 2011.
Agenda Item No.10:  Noor Afzal promised that he will get a list of $20 unpaid Members from ASHRAE & will also settle the outstanding from Members before the last BOG meeting of Thursday the 16th June 2011.
Agenda Item No.11: Noor Afzal promised that he will arrange meetings with IEEP, IEE & IAA etc soon before the last BOG Meeting of Thursday the 16th June, 2011.
Agenda Item No.12: Tajammul Husayn informed that Farooq Mehboob has accepted to Chair CRC Action Committee while Owais Shuja has accepted to Chair the Audit Committee. Both of them are being advised to form their own Committees of atleast 2-3 members before the last BOG Meeting of Thursday the 16th June 2011.
Agenda Item No.13: The filing of PAOE points must be done before the last  BOG Meeting of Thursday the June 16, 2011.
Agenda Item No.14: Tajammul Husayn informed about the Successful completion of ASHRAE Learning Courses & has requested all the SENIORS to come forward for conducting upcoming 6 Courses on 3 Saturdays of alternate months next year. Fahim I Siddiui has already shown his desire to conduct one of the 6 Courses next year.

Minutes of Meeting by;

Khawaja Khalid Iqbal
ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter