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Presiding Officer:     Mr. Tajammul Husayn (President ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter)

Call to order:         5:00 PM by Mr. Tajammul Husayn

  • Mr. Tajammul Husayn                        President
  • Mr. Sajjad Ghani                               President Elec.
  • Mr. Syed Nusrat Jawaid                    Vice President
  • Mr. Khawaja Khalid Iqbal                  General Secretary
  • Mr. Noor Afzal                                  Treasurer
  • Mr. Yousuf Hassan                             Member (Past President)
  • Mr. Safdar Ali                                     Member BOG
  • Mr. Fahad Hassan                              Member BOG
  • Mr. Muhammad Abbas Sajid              Member
  • Mr. S.M. Ali Aamir                            Member
  • Mr. Ainul Abedin                               Member
  • Mr. Shahid Ahmed                            Member
  • Mr. Saqib Munawar                           Member
  • Mr. Fakhri Diwan                               Member
  • Mr. Muhammad Rafique Rasal            Member
  • Mr. Anwar Saadat                             Member
  • Mr. Malik M. Tariq Amin                    Member
  • Mr. Haider Ali                                   Student Member
  • Mr. Omer Khan                                  Student Member

Meeting started with Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem by the President. Suggestions were asked by him on how to make the participation of the members and other trades most effectively, to which the members responded as under;

Mr. Ainul Abedin:

  • Interesting lectures (topics to be circulated in advance).
  • Awareness about what is happening in the industry like Ashrae code 189.1.
  • Planning of technical session in advance.
  • Arranging 12 different lectures in 12 months. It should not be a difficult task.
  • Members to be encouraged to give their suggestions in all ASHRAE meetings and technical sessions when conducted.

 Mr. Anwar Saadat:

  • Circular for technical session to be emailed / mailed and it should stick to the program.
  • Invitations to all members to be sent in advance.

Mr. Fahad Hassan:

  • New faces of good lecturers should be discovered.
  • Membership procedures should be made smooth and easy as delay in getting them registered results in loss of interest.
  • Industries can be contacted for membership.
  • People having no engineering background should be encouraged to attend lectures with topics relating to Green and Net Zero Energy buildings.
  • Green building council of Pakistan should be formed.


Mr. Sajjad Ghani:

  • To publicize name of ASHRAE, professional agencies should be hired to have positive participation from all walks of life.


  • Memberships to be promoted in all universities like NUST, where they are offering PHD degree in HVAC.
  • AHSRAE to be promoted in 2nd and 3rd year students instead of final year as they are busy in exams of their last year.
  • Competition at local level should be promoted instead of international level as drawings cannot be apprehended at such an early stage.
  • Promote ASHRAE in schools and interesting lectures should be promoted thru flyers.
  • Membership should be reduced to Rs. 1,000/-.

Mr. Abbas Sajid:

  • List of 18 lecturers was confirmed last year, but after 4-5 lectures the speakers did not turn up, especially seniors who did not inform.
  • Turn up in number of lectures was very poor.
  • Membership fee was reduced to $90 but even then substantial increase in memberships was not noticed.
  • More efforts are required.
  • Coordination with other bodies association etc. be made. Need of setting up a committee is also required.
  • For making payment procedures of membership more effective, Abbas Sajid, Nusrat Jawaid and Khalid Iqbal have offered their services for speedy registration with ASHRAE.
  • Prof. Essam Khalid of Egypt has confirmed his participation in program. He is a PhD Mech. Engg. From Imperial College London, UK and completed his MSc. and BSc from Cairo University, Egypt.
  • Material of paper will be demanded from him for publicizing it properly before his paper presentation scheduled tentatively in Jan / Feb next year i.e.2011.


Following action plan has been charted out after receiving member’s suggestions;

  • A technical session will be held before the installation ceremony, wherein a Presentation by Mr. Ainul Abedin on "BUILDING HEIGHT AND NET ZERO -- HOW HIGH CAN YOU GO?". The Article was originally published in ASHRAE Journal of September 2009 by Duncan Phillips. All members and other related bodies are being informed in advance.
  • Furthermore, all members present and not present should use their contacts by inviting participants from Industry / Architects Associations under intimation to undersigned with their confirmation.
  • A technical session will be held every 3rd Wednesday of the month. The undersigned will confirm well in advance.
  • Topics of the lecture and presentations will be advertised thru emails / flyers when required and confirmations will be taken thru phone calls.
  • Membership registration will be expedited by M/s Abbas Sajid, Nusrat Javed and Khalid Iqbal.
  • All lectures will be held in reputed hotels so that necessary results are achieved.
  • Abbas Sajid and Fahad Hassan will co ordinate with Industries, Associations and bodies to make the lectures beneficial to all walks of life.
  • Members are requested thru this email to forward interesting topics for the forthcoming lectures.
  • Professor Essam Khalid will be invited as distinguished lectures in January 2011.
  • Fahad Hassan will prepare a paper for presentation to BOG for forming Green Building Council of Pakistan.
  • The representative of the student branch will be more pro active for conducting activities in collaboration with the BOG.
  • President will coordinate with ASHRAE to make delivery of Journals and Handbooks effectively.

Minutes by;

Khawaja Khalid Iqbal
General Secretary.  
Pakistan ASHRAE Chapter